ROC Dental Group has always been committed to our patients’ health and safety.

Now, we’re going beyond sterilizing our dental office and exam rooms to cleaning the air we breathe.


Each of our exam rooms, the waiting room, and even our lunch room, now has surgically clean air thanks to air purifying units that will filter and sterilize the air. Surgically Clean Air’s Cascade White and Jade Air Purifiers destroy all infectious airborne particles including viruses. These superior air purifiers exceed the guidelines for general surgery environments, providing our patients, and team, additional peace of mind while in the dental office.

What’s more, one of the world’s leading independent research institutes, RTI International, tested several organisms against the Surgically Clean Air purifier, with incredible results! With a virus organism in the air, the test proved the air purifier removed 99% of the virus in less than 15 minutes. The same results were found in cases of fungal and bacterial organisms, making the purifiers a perfect choice for our dental practice.