Tom’s Smile Transformation Story

Nearly 20 years ago, I started to develop brown ovals shapes on my upper and lower front teeth. My dentist at the time told me this was caused by grinding my teeth. He recommended veneers. Two years later, one of the veneers came off. This was the beginning of the veneers continuing to fall off.

When I relocated to Bluffton, a veneer came off. Dr. Haire at ROC Dental Group explained that the continual replacement was resulting in too much tooth loss so replacing the veneers was not an option. Dr. Haire and I decided that new crowns on the top front teeth were the best option. The process took about 6 months and I am thrilled with my new teeth and new smile! Plus, I do not need to worry that a veneer will break off when I eat!

I am very happy with my treatment and the care I received; it was excellent. The entire team was professional and caring. The office and facilities are first class.