Jennifer’s Smile Transformation Story

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Mastrorocco for many years and have referred family and friends to the practice because of the efficiency and level of service I always receive. From the moment I decided to have comprehensive restoration, the team made the process a dream.

The whole process has been uplifting. Early in the process, Dr. Matt and I had an honest conversation about how future dental work would probably go due to old and worn-out repairs. Dr. Matt provided a detailed description of how he could help, including comprehensive models representing exactly how it would look when everything was complete. It was all so comforting. No pressure, just honest discussions and the office staff worked so closely with me on financial considerations and solutions. It was always my decision on how to move forward and when.

When it was time to begin, I admit I was concerned with how it would go, but during the whole process everyone continued to check in on me. They asked how I was doing, did I need a break, could the chair or supports be better? I can easily say it was much easier than I ever imagined it could be. And the technology and imaging to create the fit and perfect smile were impressive. Not a single revision was necessary, which is amazing considering my terrible bite and anatomy.

I only wished I had made the decision to have my comprehensive restoration done sooner. The first time I saw it I said I have the sunshine back in my face. Everyone who see me tells me I look great. I just smile again so easily and shine. I am so happy that I don’t have to hide my teeth in pictures anymore. Before the restoration I always tried to hide my teeth and I had a stern and grumpy appearance. Now I can have the biggest smile and let my happy out. I can eat anything and chew on any of my teeth without discomfort or issue. I no longer have jaw pain and have to say my teeth and bite now are better than nature gave me.

ROC does ROCK! 



Marion before


Marion after her Smile Transformation