Jennifer’s Smile Transformation Story

Healthy teeth and gums were not something I possessed at an early age. My small, crowded mouth allowed for nooks and crannies to accumulate decay. I tried diligently to brush and floss as I was supposed to, but I was prone to these issues. I kept my mouth closed for pictures and remained embarrassed of my smile into adulthood. When my husband became very sick in 2015, I unknowingly began grinding my teeth from the stress, which left them barely visible. Selfcare went on the back burner, but after he passed away, I knew deep down that attempt to remedy the problem in my mouth. I was terribly ashamed and frightened, but I called ROC Dental Group for help.

I made an appointment to get a cleaning and a consultation. I dreaded the day of my appointment because of fear and shame, but I showed up. From the moment I walked through the doors I could tell that the office was different. The staff was immediately friendly and compassionate. There was an incredibly positive energy throughout the office. You could tell everyone was knowledgeable and really wanted to be working there! What I saw as I walked in was a very heathy example of a work “family”!

No one was phased by my obvious dental problems. Dr. Haire and his staff were calm and encouraging. They were eager to carefully create workable plans and solutions. Dr. Haire came up with more than one option and took time to carefully consult with Dr. Mastrorocco to ensure that the plans he created were the best options for my case. Dr. Haire is extremely knowledgeable and possesses excellent communication skills. He made sure that I had a clear understanding of what he was doing and why. And that I had clarity and comfort as we progressed through each stage of the process. He always maintained a highly professional manner and took a very personal interest in my process and in who I was as a person.

I understood that my problems did not get bad overnight and that the medically appropriate solutions were going to take time to implement. It was up to me to get on board and to modify my diet and dental care to hold up my part of the bargain. My restoration process took a little over six months, but this was for the best. I needed to move through each stage, and I needed to learn to live with my temporary teeth.

At the conclusion, I was euphoric! My mouth far exceeded my expectations. When Dr. Haire showed me my before picture I was shocked at how much my facial structure had improved. I looked younger and so much happier! Today I smile readily and easily and feel physically happier. I do not have to put energy into keeping my mouth closed to hide my shameful teeth. This dental restoration has been an emotional and physical transformation, leaving me feeling confident and empowered.

The team at ROC Dental Group were invested and eager to ensure that my dental restoration was positive and life changing. They work there because they want to see people like me blossom and thrive after having had a history of dental problems. They want to be a part of the solution and witness every patient’s joyful transformation. I could not be happier about my choice to have worked with Dr. Haire and ROC Dental Group team.



Jennifer before


Jennifer after her Smile Transformation