Dental Emergencies

Do you need an immediate, same-day appointment? A dental emergency can cause pain and worry, often restraining patients from normal daily activities. If left unattended, it can lead to tooth loss. You can depend on us to alleviate pain, repair cracked or chipped teeth, perform emergency extractions, or replace troublesome fillings.

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Our aim is to get you back into your normal routine as quickly as possible! Our amazing team is flexible when it comes to scheduling, and we put the needs of our patients first. If you are experiencing an after-hours dental emergency, please call our office.

Some Common Dental Emergencies That Require Immediate Attention

Broken or Cracked Tooth – In this case, the nerve of the tooth gets exposed. An exposed nerve is extremely sensitive to temperatures, especially to cold. You may immediately start suffering from immense pain and worry. Your diet schedule also gets disrupted.

Knocked-Out Tooth – A knocked-out tooth is caused when you suffer any kind of accident or external injury. This again leaves the temperature sensitive nerve exposed, causing pain and swelling.

Loss of Filling – In simple words, fillings are materials used to fill the cavities of teeth. They cover the top of damaged teeth. Sometimes the fillings come out due to decay underneath a tooth’s surface. The immediate effect of a lost filling is bleeding and pain.

Gum Abscess – An abscess is a pocket of pus that develops in the inner portion of the mouth. It not only affects the tooth but also the areas surrounding it. Gum abscess is a serious dental disease that has severe adverse effects on the teeth and must be addressed immediately.

(843) 682-4601