All Ages Embrace Invisalign® to Solve Teeth Misalignment

Jordan Haire, DMD
ROC Dental Group

I always encourage anyone wanting to improve their smile’s alignment to consider invisible braces. They are a series of clear, custom-designed aligners, very similar to retainers, that you wear 24 hours a day, only removing them to eat and brush your teeth. Each week, you graduate to the next aligner and, little by little, they move your teeth into proper alignment. This results in a beautiful smile with straight teeth.

There is a variety of aligner brands that provide an alternative to traditional wire and bracket orthodontics. I use Invisalign because they safely provide amazing results for patients of all ages and have been approved by the FDA since 1998.

Every patient’s treatment plan is customized to address their concerns, such as gaps, crowded teeth, crossbites, properly positioning teeth before veneers or implants, or balancing the bite to correct TMJ discomfort. Invisalign trays can also be used for whitening treatment at home.

People often ask how long treatment lasts. We have treatment plans that take anywhere from five to 35 weeks-long. It depends on what we are trying to achieve.

The treatment process begins when we take an intraoral scan of your teeth using a handheld wand. Using diagnostic photos, we develop a plan that shows you the outcome. A time-lapse video demonstrates how your teeth will move throughout the course of treatment. The plan will dictate how many trays you require and tells your dentist where they need to attach clear composite button attachments that optimize movement. The buttons are like doorknobs. You can open a door without a doorknob, but it is much easier and more efficient with them! Once treatment begins, you visit your dentist every four-to-five weeks so that we can check your progress and make any needed changes to ensure a great outcome!

Patients love Invisalign because the aligners are nearly invisible, and can be taken out to floss and brush, unlike wire and bracket braces that are difficult to keep clean. And invisible braces are not just for kids! I have patients in their 80’s undergoing Invisalign treatment and achieving the smile they’ve always wanted!