Dr. Haire Takes Over the Smart Mouth Blog: A New Beginning for Jennifer

Jordan Haire, DMD
ROC Dental Group

You don’t have to refer to all of the studies out there that find a direct link between self-esteem and a great-looking, healthy smile. We see it in our practice all of the time!

When Jennifer came into our office just a few months ago, she lacked confidence in her smile; she was just not happy with it. After many years of severe grinding related to stress, her teeth were extremely worn and short and her bite was “over-closed”. Her smile was really suffering.

When teeth are severely grinded down, the bite becomes over-closed and the lower third (from the nose to the chin) of the face shortens dramatically. To make things worse, when you constantly clench and grind, jaw muscles are continuously activated and engaged, which triggers them to remain activated – an endless cycle!

We used porcelain crowns to redesign and reshape each tooth to exceed her expectations and created two small bridges in the back of her mouth, all of which opened and balanced her bite. Now that her teeth are the correct length and her bite rests in a more natural position, her jaw muscles are able to relax!

The length of Jennifer’s face is now more natural. Her face appears slimmer and more youthful. When she returned to the office after we restored her smile, our team noticed that she was happier and walked more confidently. She laughed freely and seemed to be glowing! It seemed like this was a new beginning for her! 

“What you have done has been transformative and I just couldn’t be happier!” said Jennifer. “I feel so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to have my mouth completely made over. 

So many people wind up having to settle for options that are not optimal. I am so blessed that I have had top-notch care and your expertise and artistic ability to transform my mouth! I smile with ease and I smile readily!”

We see every day how important your smile is to your quality of life. And nothing makes us happier than helping you achieve the smile you deserve!