Our New Advanced Air Purifiers Scrub the Air Clean

Before I became a dentist, I would often talk to my uncle, a dentist in downtown Pittsburgh, about the art and science of dentistry. I loved how he was able to solve a patient’s problem, whether it was eliminating pain or improving a tooth’s appearance, and we would talk for hours about his methods. When I see him and my two cousins, who are also dentists, we annoy our family by sitting in a corner and “talking dentistry”!

So I have always been a perpetual learner on a quest to continually improve my skills and tools. When COVID-19 hit, I consulted with colleagues and researched for hours about what I could do to improve what I consider to already be one of the safest dental facilities in the country. I immediately felt relief when I discovered Surgically Clean Air purifiers, which have the most advanced and effective air-purifying technology for destroying chemicals, bacteria, and viruses. They quickly move large volumes of air through their multi-stage filtration systems without impacting people nearby or being loud. You can check out this five-minute video to learn more about how they work.

I knew that installing the purifiers aligned with ROC Dental Group’s goal of continually evolving the practice to improve our patients’ wellness. I am confident when I tell you that our team is doing everything we can to keep you well at our practice and in your life.

Thank you for being our patient! We value your trust and can’t wait to see you!


Dr. Matt Mastrorocco