ROC Dental Group’s Commitment to Your Continued Health and Safety

When we renamed our dental practice to ROC Dental Group in Dec. 2019, our team created a vision statement that we hold dear: to improve the lives of others by providing the best, most advanced dental care in the country. We know that the best medical facilities do not cut corners in any area of their care and, since 2000, neither have we. Now more than ever we want you to know we are doing everything we can to keep you well at our practice and in your life.

When the American Dental Association recommended our closure while more was learned about COVID-19, we spent our time researching ways to improve our strict infection control methods. We reviewed every step you take as a patient from the point you enter our office to the time you depart. We also reviewed and modified every interaction our team has with each other, whether they are casual passes in the hallways, team meetings, or lunch breaks.

Many of the changes we made are noticeable when you arrive in our parking lot and invited to our virtual waiting room. Others you see as you travel to your sanitized treatment room, from all of our patient care coordinators wearing masks to our clinical team wearing more PPE than ever, including plastic face shields, N95 masks, and surgical gowns. But many of the changes may not be visible. For example, our extended appointment times and patient entry and exit times are all coordinated to ensure the absolute minimal amount of exposure to others. You can read more about specific details surrounding your appointment. And be sure to read our Smart Mouth Blog post about our investment in Surgically Clean air purifiers that clean and filter the air, removing all infectious airborne particles!

There are additional details about our safety protocols as well as other COVID-19-related dental health information throughout our web site:

We hope that our team’s commitment to our vision assures you that we are keeping you safe at our office during COVID-19 and when COVID-19 is behind us. But if you have any questions or concerns about COVID-19 and your office visit, please do not hesitate to reach out to me personally or our team.

Thank you for being our patient! We value your trust and can’t wait to see you!


Dr. Matt Mastrorocco